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Honey boosts probiotics' effectiveness

With the antimicrobial properties of honey being further established, I fielded an interesting question the other day about whether or not nature's gold would inhibit probiotics.  It turns out th...

Posted on Jun 7, 5:14am

Grade School, Pre-teen Brains Tire Differently

Tired kids are crabby kids, and obviously they don't do very well in school.  But a new study in Japan suggests that a tired brain responds differently depending on how old the child is.  Tw...

Posted on May 17, 7:37pm

Why Looking into the Sun is Bad for You

It's been a long winter for many of us in the Midwestern United States, and the sun's long-awaited return is certainly welcomed by those of us saddled with cabin fever.  On days like this it's fu...

Posted on May 13, 8:10pm

Meditation May Slow Aging Process at Chromosome Level

Researchers have looked at the ends of chromosomes for the answer to aging, and they're measuring the effect of mediation on the health of the genetic material.  At the end of the chromosomes are...

Posted on May 12, 8:26pm

Migraine Drug Triples Rate of Birth Defect, FDA Forced to Act

Why bother doing animal testing if the results are just going to be ignored?  The FDA has just issued a warning that Topamax (topiramate), an anti-seizure medication that is one of the most widel...

Posted on May 11, 5:07pm

Medicare Patients, US Tax Payers Getting Over-Probed

According to most authorities, if a patient has a clear bill of health after a colonoscopy another isn't recommended for 10 years.  But a review of over 24,000 Medicare cases found that over half...

Posted on May 10, 3:10pm

FDA Raids Raw Milk Club

On the basis of an interstate commerce violation, an FDA sting operation infiltrated a raw milk club in Maryland being supplied by an Amish farmer in Pennsylvania.  While this may look like a sto...

Posted on May 5, 5:21pm

Gluten Causes Problems in People Without Celiac Disease, Too

Medical doctors typically only recognize the people who have gluten sensitivity are those with celiac disease, a chronic inflammation of the bowel that is aggravated by the protein found in breads.&nb...

Posted on Apr 29, 4:48pm

Autism Screening Tool Shows Promise for 1 Year Olds

A study scheduled to be published in The Journal of Pediatrics evaluated the ability of a simple questionnaire to predict autism at the 1 year check-up (download survey for free here).  The...

Posted on Apr 28, 4:20pm

American Academy of Pediatrics Chair Demands Environmental Toxins Reform

Who enforces toxicity testing on household products for children and expectant moms?  The answer, it turns out, is no one.  Dr. Jerome Paulson, the incoming chair of the Council on Environme...

Posted on Apr 26, 2:46pm

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Awesome, Doc John! Very good stuff there, and very well done.
Christopher Maselli,

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