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Health and Science News from The Holistic Perspective

Guerilla Health Report is the premier reception area info-tainment program that delivers health news from the holistic perspective. Each commercial-free 90 minute DVD is filmed in high definition to match the professional look and feel of your office, and each episode covers the latest in health and science news but tells the story from the vitalistic point of view. Each disc comes with a bonus review of the latest research in the profession of your choice- chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathy, or naturopathy.

We are bombarded daily with drug ads and medical news bias, so GHR helps the CAM community level the playing field in four different ways:
• New high quality DVDs for the reception area every quarter.
• Free PDF downloads of our most popular blogs to print and share twice a month.
• Video podcast versions of our episodes available for download.
• An interactive website that allows you to tag and share your favorite videos, blogs, and PDFs.

Information leads to conversations, conversations lead to relationships, and relationships lead to referrals. It's the formula we've built practices on, and we stand so solidly behind our promise that our DVDs will lay that information foundation for you that we offer the only 110% guarantee in our industry. Play the DVDs, hand out the PDFs, share the blogs, engage with the GHR community on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or iTunes for 90 days. If you don't find a 10% increase in your new patients, we'll happily refund 110% of your purchase price.


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From the Blog

Honey boosts probiotics' effectiveness

With the antimicrobial properties of honey being further established, I fielded an interesting question the other day about whether or...

posted on Jun 7, 5:14am

Grade School, Pre-teen Brains Tire Differently

Tired kids are crabby kids, and obviously they don't do very well in school.  But a new study in Japan suggests that a tired brain...

posted on May 17, 7:37pm

Why Looking into the Sun is Bad for You

It's been a long winter for many of us in the Midwestern United States, and the sun's long-awaited return is certainly welcomed by thos...

posted on May 13, 8:10pm

Meditation May Slow Aging Process at Chromosome Level

Researchers have looked at the ends of chromosomes for the answer to aging, and they're measuring the effect of mediation on the health...

posted on May 12, 8:26pm

This is a terrific idea. The more patients know, the better they're able to heal.
Dr. Jeffrey Spencer, Chiropractor for Lance Armstrong, & US Postal Service, and Discovery Channel Cycling Teams.
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