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Honey boosts probiotics' effectiveness

With the antimicrobial properties of honey being further established, I fielded an interesting question the other day about whether or...

posted on Jun 7, 5:14am

Grade School, Pre-teen Brains Tire Differently

Tired kids are crabby kids, and obviously they don't do very well in school.  But a new study in Japan suggests that a tired brain...

posted on May 17, 7:37pm

Why Looking into the Sun is Bad for You

It's been a long winter for many of us in the Midwestern United States, and the sun's long-awaited return is certainly welcomed by thos...

posted on May 13, 8:10pm

Meditation May Slow Aging Process at Chromosome Level

Researchers have looked at the ends of chromosomes for the answer to aging, and they're measuring the effect of mediation on the health...

posted on May 12, 8:26pm

Good stuff... I bought a flat screen and its just sitting in my office at the moment... Takes too much dang time putting that crap together! Good call!
Dr. Matt Beachy, Mansfield, OH

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