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Autism Screening Tool; Non-Celiac Gluten Intolerance 05/16/2011 Fav
Probiotic Guidelines, Nature's Arthritis Adaptation 05/03/2011 Fav
Largest Research project in Chiro History; Skin to skin improves newbor 03/27/2011 Fav
New Study Shows Normal Labor..;$5 Mirror Solves Medical Mystery 02/14/2011 Fav
Feb 1 MRI Study Chiro; Preventing Early Elective Deliveries... 01/31/2011 Fav
Guidelines on Tonsillectomies;At-Risk Stroke Profile for Chiropractors 01/21/2011 Fav
Flu shot-related Miscarriage Rate; Compression & Genetic Expression 12/31/2010 Fav
New Site Launched!; Anti Depression and Yoga 11/30/2010 Fav
Vaccine Info Portal, Freedom for Family Wellness Highlights 11/02/2010 Fav
ICPA Researcher fights back, Pesticides/Parkinson's link 10/14/2010 Fav
CDC Misses Breastfeeding Target Adenovirus is new big boned 09/30/2010 Fav
Alternative Vaccine Schedules; US Born Get the Mumps 09/03/2010 09/02/2010 Fav
Tendon injuries/Menstral cycle; Whiplash and depression...08/15/2010 08/14/2010 Fav
Tv - cardio risks; Food - autism... 08/01/2010 07/31/2010 Fav
Healthy baby; Pesticides 2x ADHD...07/2010 07/14/2010 Fav
Great job! Thanks!
Dr. Michael Hanifen, Anchorage, AK

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