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Blog Entries

Longer, earlier skin to skin contact improves newborn health markers

Putting a newborn in skin to skin contact within 5 minutes after birth and leaving them there for at least an hour helps relieve stress on the baby's body and regulate its heart rate, according to a r...

Posted on Mar 3, 6:38pm

New Mexico's House Passes Advanced Practice Chiropractic Physicians Bill

The New Mexico House Judiciary Committee voted 9-6 to fill a statewide primary care shortage with chiropractors.  While chiropractors are recognized as primary portal of entry doctors and physici...

Posted on Feb 28, 9:26pm

Largest Research Project in Chiropractic History Underway

  Palmer College of Chiropractic recently announced they are part of the largest research project ever undertaken by the profession.  While a portion of the grant is for musculoskeletal com...

Posted on Feb 22, 10:39pm

Grape Seed Extract Knocks Out Prostate Cancer At Genetic Level

Grape Seed Extract, which has been used as a potent anti-inflammatory for generations of men who suffer from prostate cancer, works in a startling way against the cancer cells by preventing them from...

Posted on Feb 21, 11:35pm

Couch-cushion rehab works better than $20,000 treadmill

A study presented at the American Stroke Association meeting found that at-home rehab works just as well for stroke patients as an expensive, weight-supporting treadmill.  The researchers compare...

Posted on Feb 18, 7:50pm

Should Decreases in Inflammation Really Be Considered Proper Regulation?

The mailbag was full this week- another member of the Rilla Nation asked a question about the benefits of chiropractic treatment for cancer patients.  Again I had to go back to the PubMed archive...

Posted on Feb 17, 9:56pm

Grandma's little helper a treat for arthritis

Occasionally I'll get a request from the Rilla Nation to follow up on a remedy or treatment they've heard about to see what we can come up with.  Recently a member wrote me a story about her neig...

Posted on Feb 16, 10:48pm

$5 Mirror Solves Major Medical Mystery

Phantom limb pain- the itching, pain, or cramping that an amputee feels in a missing body part, has largely remained an unsolvable mystery to the medical profession.  Surgery to pare back the ner...

Posted on Feb 14, 7:26pm

Restrictive Elimination Diet Key in Reducing ADHD Symptoms

Pointing to the possibility of an immune system connection in ADHD, a two-part study on food restriction diets show that they can work.  However, picking the foods to avoid through blood tests ha...

Posted on Feb 11, 4:21am

FDA Orders Surveillance on TMJ Implants

Confounded by the reasons they seem to be failing early, the FDA has ordered "postmarket surveillance" on the 3 companies responsible for making TMJ (temporomandibular joint) implants. ...

Posted on Feb 8, 8:09pm

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