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Like-cures-like approach reduces inhaler use for kids with asthma

A basic homeopathic principle of like-cures-like combined with a 21st century upgrade seems to be effective at reducing medication usage for kids with allergy-related asthma.  An Italian study sh...

Posted on Nov 8, 10:54pm

9 Item Questionaire Effective at Diagnosing Teen Depression

Teen depression is an ever-present issue in high schools across the country, and health professionals are constantly trying to identify better screening tools to help this age-group.  Consideri...

Posted on Nov 3, 10:48pm

Virus, fungus combination key to bee colony collapse

Bee colonies, known as a key indicator for the health of an ecosystem, have been collapsing in unprecedented levels since 2006.  Estimates range between 20-40% of colonies in the US have died w...

Posted on Nov 3, 10:47pm

AMA & Surgeons oppose 80 hour work week, 16 hour shifts for 1st year residents

The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) has released new standards for first year medical school residents, limiting them to an 80 hour work week averaged over 4 weeks (mean...

Posted on Nov 3, 10:46pm

Fresh food should mold. Happy Meal fails to read memo

Nothing says "fresh and nutritious" like a 6 month old Happy Meal that doesn't spoil.  That's the consensus developed by a photography project by Sally Davies, who purchased the burge...

Posted on Oct 29, 7:58pm

ICPA researcher fights back against faulty report on chiropractic and children

In an interview with a leading specialist in pediatric chiropractic, Dr. Joel Alcantra of the ICPA dissected a recent review criticizing chiropractic for children.  The Bronfort Report, a review...

Posted on Oct 9, 11:08am

Mr. Yuck and safety locks working- Less toddlers poisoned by cleaners

Yay parents!  Prevention works!  Simple preventative measures like child safety locks on cabinet doors have cut toddler poisonings by half, according to a 16 year study published in Pediatri...

Posted on Oct 7, 10:39am

Pesticides were the illegal foreign object Parkinsons used to sucker punch Ali

Lonnie Ali, wife of boxing great Muhammed Ali, said in an interview on The Dianne Rhem Show (see link) that pesticides, not boxing, were the likely factor in the Champ's battle with Parkinson's Diseas...

Posted on Oct 6, 1:03pm

No link between thimerosal, autism. No further testing ever needed according to CDC

There is no link between prenatal or infant exposure to mercury in vaccines and autism, and "further studies are not warranted," according to the CDC's director of immunization safety. ...

Posted on Sep 30, 4:11pm

Big Pharma listening to folate versus folic acid argument, almost

Pretending for a moment that it doesn't take one to three months for a woman's hormone cycle to rebalance itself after stopping The Pill (see ref), Bayer announced that they have reformulated their Ya...

Posted on Sep 28, 10:20am

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