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Bee Colonies Rebound After European Governments Ban EPA-Approved Pesticide

in an earlier blog about colony collapse disorder (see link), a report pointed to the simultaneous infection of bees with a bacteria and a fungus as one of the keys to the disappearing number of bees....

Posted on Jan 20, 4:33pm

Health Advocacy Organizations Not So Transparent About Pharma Partnerships

A study and follow-up investigative report on Health Advocacy Organizations like the American Diabetes Association, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and the American Lung Association have reve...

Posted on Jan 19, 10:33pm

Day Care Teaches More than ABC's

Toddlers who have ear or respiratory infections while attending day care have fewer of those problems once they hit school than children who aren't in group child care, according to a recent report.&n...

Posted on Jan 17, 9:47pm

New Study Reveals At-Risk Stroke Profile for Chiropractors

Chiropractors and osteopaths, make sure you keep this one in your file.  A new study examined the cases of 93 people who had a stroke within a year of consulting a chiropractor.  The researc...

Posted on Jan 14, 9:26pm

GSK behind push back to antibiotics for ear infections

A new study in NEJM is hitting the airwaves reporting that antibiotics are better than the wait-and-see approach finally adopted by most pediatricians, and blames the past failure of the antibiotic ro...

Posted on Jan 13, 7:08pm

Another Vaccine Adjuvant Linked to Leaks in Blood-Brain Barrier

Chinese researchers investigating the effect of Platelet Activating Factor (PAF) on the blood-brain barrier, the critical final divide between the sensitive brain tissue and the blood vessels, discove...

Posted on Jan 12, 9:36pm

Eye's inability to focus may be related to ADHD

A study that looked at a range of children with neurological disorders proposes that the inability of children with ADHD to focus their attention may have something to do with their brain's inability...

Posted on Jan 11, 10:34pm

'Integrative Heatlh Care' removed from Federal National Prevention Strategy

Thanks to the National Center for Homeopathy for this heads up: "We have just learned that the DRAFT Health Care "National Prevention Strategy" does NOT presently include "Integra...

Posted on Jan 7, 8:59pm

Poorly Absorbed Antibiotic Shows Minor Benefit For IBS

In a case where the hype is more interesting than the research, a broad spectrum, poorly absorbed antibiotic was found to have a minor benefit for relieving the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.&n...

Posted on Jan 6, 6:49pm

Guidelines on Tonsillectomies Established After 35 Year Increase

For generations, having your tonsils removed was almost a rite of passage into adulthood.  From the early 1900's to the 1960's the tonsillectomy was the most common surgical procedure performed i...

Posted on Jan 5, 8:59pm

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Dr. Matt Beachy, Mansfield, OH

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