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Chinese H1N1 study gives insight to vaccine mechanism and impacts

A recent study on the side effects of the H1N1 vaccine given to 89 million Chinese disclosed the rate of reactions to the shot.  The authors report that there was no greater risk of a person deve...

Posted on Feb 8, 3:44am

Fountain of Brain Youth Discovered: Walking Works Better Than Crossword Puzzles

A new study says that walking 3 times a week for 40 minutes helps an area of the brain called the hippocampus grow.   The hippocampus is responsible for spatial and situational memory. ...

Posted on Feb 4, 7:54pm

Living Near the Interstate Doubles Risk for Autism

A report published in Environmental Health Perspectives says that children living within 1000 feet (309 m) of a freeway, interstate, or highway are 86% more likely to be diagnosed with autism spectrum...

Posted on Feb 3, 7:20pm

New Study Shows Normal Labor Takes More Time Than OBs Are Allowing For

Obstetricians have been trained to expect labor to progress faster than it actually does, which may be the reason for the high rate of inductions and c-section deliveries in the US according to a new...

Posted on Feb 1, 11:22pm

Guided Imagery better than Progressive Relaxation for Expectant Moms

Expectant moms know that relaxing is good for the baby, but with a variety of relaxation techniques out there, what should she choose?  A study that compared Guided Imagery ("Imagine you are...

Posted on Jan 31, 10:53pm

Jack LaLanne finally takes a breather. A Rememberance

Natural health advocates around the world are remembering the life of chiropractor Jack LaLanne, the Godfather of Fitness, who passed away at the age of 96.  If you exercise, you can thank Jack L...

Posted on Jan 28, 5:00pm

Preventing Early Elective Deliveries Keeps Babies Out of Intensive Care

Implementing a "hard-stop" policy on elective deliveries in hospitals before 39 weeks cut the number of early deliveries by nearly 400% and reduced the number of babies admitted to the ICU b...

Posted on Jan 26, 8:01pm

Australia, Canada, & Sweden Best Places to Have Cancer

If you're facing a cancer diagnosis, might I suggest you consult your travel agent?  A recent report published in The Lancet examined the cancer survival rates of Australia, Canada, Denmark, Norw...

Posted on Jan 25, 6:24pm

Increase in Febrile Seizures For Toddlers Injected With Flu Shot

The FDA is investigating a spike in febrile seizures among toddlers vaccinated with Fluzone, the only flu shot recommended for infants 6 to 23 months of age.  In an alert posted to the FDA's webs...

Posted on Jan 25, 12:04am

MRI study investigates the 'Snap, Crackle, Pop' in Chiropractic

Chiropractors and osteopaths have long explained the theory behind "the noise" of an adjustment as being similar to opening a can of soda- gas is dissolved in a container under pressure, and...

Posted on Jan 21, 6:35pm

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Awesome, Doc John! Very good stuff there, and very well done.
Christopher Maselli,

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