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3rd Trimester Ultrasound Produces 10% Birth Weight Error

Ultrasounds in the last trimester of pregnancy have a 10% margin of error in predicting the birth weight of large babies, according to a recent study.  Many mothers presume a strong correlation b...

Posted on Dec 1, 8:19pm

GMO soy does genetic damage in small doses

 A Brazilian study comparing transgenic and conventional soybean feeds for mice found that, at a concentration as small as 10%, the GMO soy compromised their ability to recover from chemical dama...

Posted on Nov 30, 4:32pm

Milk Sharing- Eats on Feets on Facebook

A new form of lactivism has sprung up on Facebook thanks to their repeated banning of breastfeeding photos.  Called "Eats on Feets," the organization is helping mothers who need breastm...

Posted on Nov 24, 5:42pm

Award winning paper: Chiropractic Superior to Usual Care at Family Doctor for Low Back Pain

The Spine Journal has awarded its 2010 Outstanding Paper in Medical and Interventional Science to the authors of the C.H.I.R.O. low back pain study, which was the first randomized controlled trial to...

Posted on Nov 24, 4:10am

Depression symptoms in Lupis linked to gender

 A study published in the Journal of Neuroimmunology suggests that depression symptoms associated with Lupis may be related to gender.  Scientists examined mice genetically altered to p...

Posted on Nov 22, 8:28pm

Brain injury likely related to repeated hits, not concussion in football

 A special focus on concussions by Sports Illustrated highlighted research on high school football players that measured brain activity over the course of the season.  The Penn State researc...

Posted on Nov 19, 7:44pm

Pneumococcal vaccine causes shift in type, not frequency, of ear infections

A big twist was left out of a recent CNN report (see link) skewering the use of antibiotics for ear infections- the fact that the vaccine intended to decrease them has done the opposite.  Proving...

Posted on Nov 19, 1:30am

CT and MRI use triples in ER for low back pain

 A recent survey on Emergency Room visits discovered that 2.63 million Americans, or about 2% of all ER visits, find themselves in the ER for low back pain, mirroring the number who enter outpati...

Posted on Nov 17, 10:11pm

Yoga best exercise to boost anti-depression, anti-anxiety chemicals in brain

The stretching and poses in yoga appear to do more than merely increase flexibility.  Research into the effects a 12-week yoga program has on the brain show the exercises are more effective at cr...

Posted on Nov 12, 4:50pm

Medical researchers warn of 'heightened' 0.0003% risk of H1N1-related neurological complications to healthy children

Less than 6% of children in the largest H1N1 research survey in the US experienced neurological problems as a side effect of the H1N1 virus.  83% of the children in the study had underlying medic...

Posted on Nov 10, 3:48am

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