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Active Duty Marines Finding Benefit from Acupuncture

One of the unfortunate benefits of war is the advances in medicine that grow from treating wounded soldiers.  In Vietnam surgeons experimented with Super Glue to close wounds, and in Desert Storm...

Posted on Apr 25, 7:16pm

Paleo Diet: Concept and Controversy

The Paleo Diet, which consists of eating vegetables, fruits, and lean meat (wild caught, including fish) has been gathering steam in natural health circles for it's back-to-basics approach to food.&nb...

Posted on Apr 22, 10:05pm

Generics Emerge as Most Popular Prescriptions in America

As patents expire, generic medications are rising to the top of the most prescribed pills in America.  They once dominated the industry by mass-marketing remedies for everything from blood pressu...

Posted on Apr 21, 9:09pm

Spurs on Spines Adaptation, Not Degeneration

Looks like I need to find another analogy.  Thousands of chiropractors have used the "rust on a car doesn't make more paint" analogy when explaining spinal degeneration to patients- you...

Posted on Apr 20, 5:00pm

Clearer Guide Posts for Th1 Probiotics

Sometimes a story hooks you and you can't stop thinking about it!  After posting yesterday about probiotics, I dug further in to look for the research that points to a boost of the Th1 immune res...

Posted on Apr 12, 6:18pm

One Size Doesn't Fit All for Probiotics

A simple general recommendation for probiotics may not be what the doctor ordered, according to new research on the effects of probiotics on the immune system.  Scientists have discovered that th...

Posted on Apr 11, 4:24pm

Study Concludes Stress Not a Factor in In Vitro Fertilization

Throwing years of clinical experience and anectodal evidence aside, a recent analysis of studies that examined the link between emotional stress and in vitro fertilization showed that anxiety and depr...

Posted on Apr 4, 9:06pm

MDs, FDA, Big Pharma Celebrate Their 50-Year Menage Trois

A perspective piece in the New England Journal of Medicine examined the 50 years of history between Big Pharma, MD's and the FDA, and suggested that reforms pushed for since the 1960's have widely gon...

Posted on Apr 1, 8:21pm

Kefir effective additive for stomach problems

While there may be several causes of the imbalance that causes indigestion, one of the common bacteria that get out of balance in the stomach is Helicobacter pylori.  Common medical treatments fo...

Posted on Mar 29, 6:26pm

Facing the facts of obesity helps patients lose weight

"What kind of exercise are you doing regularly?"  "Are you concerned about your weight?"  It seems that in today's sensitive society, more and more doctors are losing the...

Posted on Mar 28, 3:38pm

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