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Mercury, ADHD, and Autism

Posted on Nov 20, 5:01pm

Autism Spectrum Disorder
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When I heard Obama and McCain were meeting today, I was praying that McCain talked to Obama about the whole "vaccination" issue. Although the holistic community seemed very pro-Obama as a whole, McCain's statements about vaccine choice were more in line with the leadership we need on this issue.

The Journal of the Neurological Sciences recently published an article validating the concerns of parents who choose to delay immunization or avoid it all together. The authors of this study used a unique approach to assess the strength of connection between neurological disorders (ND) and vaccine-induced mercury exposure in infants. They took the incidence rates of NDs such as autism and ADHD and compared the number of infants exposed to mercury reporting these disorders with the number of infants exposed to mercury reporting other disorders.

What the authors determined was that there is a statistically significant link between the exposure to the mercury preservative thiomersal as an infant and a later diagnosis with an ND. This is a critical point and bears repeating- neurological disorders like ADHD and ASD are associated with mercury exposure as an infant.

Studies like this give the "Green Our Vaccines" movement one more shell in their arsenal.


Younga HA, Geierb DA, Geierc MR (2008). "Thimerosal exposure in infants and neurodevelopmental disorders: An assessment of computerized medical records in the Vaccine Safety Datalink." Journal of the Neurological Sciences 271 (1) pp 110-18.

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Well done, edgy, clean, well researched, proper voice modulation (unlike Will Ferrall on SNL) and I don't think the camera added 15 lbs! Keep it coming!!
Dr. Morgan Oaks,

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