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Preventing Early Elective Deliveries Keeps Babies Out of Intensive Care

Implementing a "hard-stop" policy on elective deliveries in hospitals before 39 weeks cut the number of early deliveries by nearly 400% and reduced the number of babies admitted to the ICU b...

Posted on Jan 26, 8:01pm

Flu Shot Coverage, Vaccine-Related Miscarriage Rates Rise Exponentially

The CDC has announced that almost half of all pregnant women were vaccinated with the H1N1 or combined influenza vaccination during the "influenza" season of 2009/2010.  Women who were...

Posted on Dec 7, 7:03pm

Feb 1 MRI Study Chiro; Preventing Early Elective Deliveries...

Sent on Jan 31, 4:00pm

Flu shot-related Miscarriage Rate; Compression & Genetic Expression

Sent on Dec 31, 4:00pm

Feb 1 MRI Study Investigates in Chiro; Preventing Early Elective Deliveries

Uploaded on Jan 31, 4:00pm

Flu shot related Miscarriage Rate; Compression & Genetic Expression

Uploaded on Dec 31, 4:00pm

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