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Eat your antioxidants, mummy (Episode 3, Story 3)

early childhood development
A study conducted by the Children's Hospital Chongqing Medical Univers...

American Academy of Pediatrics Chair Demands Environmental Toxins Reform

Who enforces toxicity testing on household products for children and expectant moms?  The answer, it turns out, is no one.  Dr. Jerome Paulson, the incoming chair of the Council on Environme...

Posted on Apr 26, 2:46pm

Study Concludes Stress Not a Factor in In Vitro Fertilization

Throwing years of clinical experience and anectodal evidence aside, a recent analysis of studies that examined the link between emotional stress and in vitro fertilization showed that anxiety and depr...

Posted on Apr 4, 9:06pm

Flu Shot Coverage, Vaccine-Related Miscarriage Rates Rise Exponentially

The CDC has announced that almost half of all pregnant women were vaccinated with the H1N1 or combined influenza vaccination during the "influenza" season of 2009/2010.  Women who were...

Posted on Dec 7, 7:03pm

Pregnancy reduces risk of rheumatoid

Earlier studies on pregnancy and rhumatoid arthritis (RA) have shown a relationship between having children and lowering your risk of the disease.  However, a recent study of women in the Northwe...

Posted on Aug 31, 12:09pm

Moms who smoke during pregnancy raise children as smart as they are

 Recent studies on the effects of mothers' mental state and stress levels are showing mixed results on early child development, but new research that investigated the effect of mom's education an...

Posted on Aug 25, 4:58pm

Good hearts begin in the womb: Aerobic activity during pregnancy improves babys cardiac scores

A study of expectant moms who regularly engaged in aerobic activity for more than 30 minutes at least 3 times a week suggests that exercise may improve your baby's heart health.  Keeping fit duri...

Posted on Jun 11, 12:53pm

Expecting moms should trade leafy greens for folic acid tablets

I love it when I'm wrong, it proides such an opportunity for growth.  Doctors who work with expectant moms are beaten over the head with "Folic Acid to prevent neural tube defects."&nbs...

Posted on Jan 29, 3:51pm

Helpful Hints for Expectant Moms

The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association recently released their latest issue of "Pathways" magazine. In it they included an article on what to expect with chiropractic adjustments and he...

Posted on Feb 22, 10:55pm

Funny you probably will never hear this one from your OB

A new study from Australia (love the research coming from Down Under lately!) of over 50,000 births says inducing labor leads to a higher risk of "forceps delivery, caesarean section and haemorrhage,"...

Posted on Dec 15, 6:22pm

Flu shot-related Miscarriage Rate; Compression & Genetic Expression

Sent on Dec 31, 4:00pm

Flu shot related Miscarriage Rate; Compression & Genetic Expression

Uploaded on Dec 31, 4:00pm

Well done, edgy, clean, well researched, proper voice modulation (unlike Will Ferrall on SNL) and I don't think the camera added 15 lbs! Keep it coming!!
Dr. Morgan Oaks,

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