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Eat your broccoli Johnny… your stomach will thank you. (Episode 11, Story 1)

stomach cancer
nutritional therapy
Your mother always told you to eat your broccoli and it turns out she...

Enmasse rejection of chemotherapy by African American women (Episode 9, Story 2)

African American women
breast cancer
Daniel Hauser
After the story last week about 13-year old Daniel Hauser and his c...

Let's Just Shoot Some Stem Cells in There! (Episode 7, Story 2)

Cell Therapy
Intervertebral Disc Degeneration
Stem Cell
Sobajima et al suggest stem cell therapy for disc herniation in their...

Evan's Road to Recovery (Episode 2, Story 6)

alternative health
Jenny McCarthy
nutritional therapy
Last month US Magazine interviewed actor, comedian, author, and mother...

You are what you eat (Episode 1, Story 5)

alternative health
immune system
nutritional therapy
Turkish researchers investigated the effect of nutritional therapy on...

FDA Raids Raw Milk Club

On the basis of an interstate commerce violation, an FDA sting operation infiltrated a raw milk club in Maryland being supplied by an Amish farmer in Pennsylvania.  While this may look like a sto...

Posted on May 5, 5:21pm

Kefir effective additive for stomach problems

While there may be several causes of the imbalance that causes indigestion, one of the common bacteria that get out of balance in the stomach is Helicobacter pylori.  Common medical treatments fo...

Posted on Mar 29, 6:26pm

Like-cures-like approach reduces inhaler use for kids with asthma

A basic homeopathic principle of like-cures-like combined with a 21st century upgrade seems to be effective at reducing medication usage for kids with allergy-related asthma.  An Italian study sh...

Posted on Nov 8, 10:54pm

Food selectivity complicates nutritional therapy for autistic children

Children diagnosed with Austism Spectrum Disorder tend to be pickier eaters, according to a recent study.  Researchers compared 53 children diagnosed with ASD to 58 normally developing children a...

Posted on Jul 19, 3:47pm

Asthma may be related to too many double wheezeburgers

An international study of children in affluent and non-affluent countries confirms a relationship between diet and asthmatic wheeze in children.  Kids who regularly ate burgers had a higher lifet...

Posted on Jun 30, 1:32pm

Review of Traditional Chinese Medicine shows promise for Cerebal Palsy

Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM, is a group of therapies usually consisting of acupuncture, tu'ina, herbal therapies, and other Chinese remedies.  A more regional grouping, TEAM or Tradition...

Posted on May 1, 9:56am

Finding the next acai: Trends emerge on edible berries, plants, and mushrooms

Ask me five years ago what acai was, or how to pronounce it, and I couldn't have told you.  Ask someone now, and they'll tell you it's that South American super-antioxidant berry found in everyth...

Posted on Apr 29, 10:53pm

Mind-body connection effective for treating chronic low back pain

A study of over 700 people with chronic low back pain has shown that group congnitive behavioural therapy can be effective at decreasing pain and increasing quality of life scores.   A control gr...

Posted on Mar 19, 7:56am

Banana protein effective at preventing HIV infection

Lectins are proteins that bind to very specific sugars in plants and animals.  A lectin called banlec, found in bananas, was investigated for its effectiveness against the HIV virus.  Banlec...

Posted on Mar 16, 9:30pm

Touch as powerful as words in communicating emotion

Non-verbal communication studies have usually focused on facial expressions and body language, but a new study on the ability of touch to convey emotions reveals that recipients can understand the emo...

Posted on Feb 24, 8:04am

Lights may hold the key to fighting bone cancer

A treatment called  Photodynamic therapy has been gradually accepted as a treatment option for cancer patients since it was introduced in the 1980's.  The concept uses a chain reaction insti...

Posted on Feb 2, 2:50pm

Korean food staple reduces plaquing of arteries

The active ingredient in kimchi (pronounced KIM- chee), the fermented cabbage mixture that is a staple in the Korean diet, reduces the accumulation of fat in the arteries of mice, according an article...

Posted on Jan 16, 8:37am

Acupuncture boosts white blood cell counts in chemo patients

One of the biggest issues during myelosupressive chemotherapy for gyneological cancer is the side effect of neutropenia. This is a severe reduction in particular white blood cells called neutrophils....

Posted on Oct 18, 7:01pm

The proven muscle of NZ green-lipped mussels

The New Zealand green-lipped mussel (Perna Canaliculus) has gained recognition lately for its incredible abilities as an anti-inflammatory, and recent extensive studies from China on rats have proven...

Posted on Oct 11, 2:41pm

Smell your way to happiness

Aromatherapy has been used for thousands of years to help alter moods, fight depression and help sleep. Recently it has gained a new level of popularity as part of the alternative medicine movement, h...

Posted on Jul 30, 5:41am

Shock treatment for internet addiction? Only in China

In perhaps the strangest news of the week, China has banned electro-shock therapy as treatment for internet addiction. The Chinese authorities have long been concerned about the increasing time that...

Posted on Jul 29, 7:10am

Why working mothers lead to poor nutrition in Japanese kids...

A large-scale study of more than 10,000 Japanese school children between 12 and 13 years old has drawn a direct link between the employment status of their mothers and their nutritional habits. Gai...

Posted on Jul 16, 2:04am

Acupuncture eases the effects of chemotherapy

One of the biggest issues during chemotherapy for gyneological cancer is the side effect of neutropenia. This is a severe reduction in particular white blood cells called neutrophil. They usually make...

Posted on Jul 3, 6:39am

Oxygen Therapies to the rescue?

Following up from my article about free radicals a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to talk a bit about oxygen therapies and in particular the controversial Hydrogen Peroxide therapy. Recent research...

Posted on Jun 1, 11:37am

Ginger proves its worth amongst the big guns of nausea control

As if thousands of years of experience wasn’t enough to prove the virtues of ginger in nausea control (and in a prime example of funding research to prove the bleeding-obvious), the National Cancer In...

Posted on May 29, 12:29pm

The Land of the Free – except when it comes to health care

Late last week a Minnesota court ruled that the parents of 13-year old Daniel Hauser, suffering from Hodgkins’ Lymphoma , must continue with his chemotherapy treatment or face a prison sentence. This...

Posted on May 20, 12:21pm

Soul searching time for anti-retroviral therapy in developing countries

Treatment of HIV, tuberculosis, malaria and other diseases in Africa has come a long way in the last 6 years. Today around 3 million people in the developing world are being treated with anti-retrov...

Posted on May 1, 11:45am

Time to start the “War on Cholera?”

The incidence of cholera in South Asia has dropped dramatically in the last 40 years with the simple but astoundingly effective treatment of ORT (Oral Rehydration Therapy) made up of sugar, salt and w...

Posted on Apr 20, 6:54am

Behvaior Therpay Chaegns Error Detcetion Rgeion in Branes of OCD Suffferers

It only takes four weeks to change the brains of OCD sufferers according to a study published in the latest issue of Molecular Psychiatry. The study tracked the changes in the brains of patients trea...

Posted on Jan 21, 5:16pm

Massage Therapy Saves Premies

Premature births are more and more frequent in America for a whole host of reasons detailed in previous blogs. Health care practitioners have two options when dealing with the health ramifications of...

Posted on Dec 3, 2:54pm


Everything old is new again. Breathatarianism wasn't on my radar until last week, and after doing some online searching I found out that the concept was popular in the 1980's but faded out as nutriti...

Posted on Nov 24, 5:21pm

Bonus DVD - Volume 2

Check out Guerilla Health Report! This 90 minute DVD features the best in health and science information reviewed from a holistic perspect...
medical ethics
free radicals
cognitive therapy
Holistic Moms Network
ear infections
back pack
disc degeneration
Awesome, Doc John! Very good stuff there, and very well done.
Christopher Maselli,

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