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Checklist Helps Surgeons Kill Less People (Episode 3, Story 7)

medical error
You ever get that sinking feeling like you left something where you sh...

Medicare Patients, US Tax Payers Getting Over-Probed

According to most authorities, if a patient has a clear bill of health after a colonoscopy another isn't recommended for 10 years.  But a review of over 24,000 Medicare cases found that over half...

Posted on May 10, 3:10pm

$5 Mirror Solves Major Medical Mystery

Phantom limb pain- the itching, pain, or cramping that an amputee feels in a missing body part, has largely remained an unsolvable mystery to the medical profession.  Surgery to pare back the ner...

Posted on Feb 14, 7:26pm

Healthcare Professionals Reporting Phantom Pager Syndrome

Two-thirds of medical professionals who use vibrating pagers experience phantom vibrations when the device is not on, and 13% experience it daily according to a recent survey.  The study found th...

Posted on Dec 23, 12:48am

3rd Trimester Ultrasound Produces 10% Birth Weight Error

Ultrasounds in the last trimester of pregnancy have a 10% margin of error in predicting the birth weight of large babies, according to a recent study.  Many mothers presume a strong correlation b...

Posted on Dec 1, 8:19pm

Medical researchers warn of 'heightened' 0.0003% risk of H1N1-related neurological complications to healthy children

Less than 6% of children in the largest H1N1 research survey in the US experienced neurological problems as a side effect of the H1N1 virus.  83% of the children in the study had underlying medic...

Posted on Nov 10, 3:48am

AMA & Surgeons oppose 80 hour work week, 16 hour shifts for 1st year residents

The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) has released new standards for first year medical school residents, limiting them to an 80 hour work week averaged over 4 weeks (mean...

Posted on Nov 3, 10:46pm

Doctors ditching physical exam skills for machine-that-goes-bing

 A report on NPR took a fresh look at the physical examination skills of American doctors.  In it, Richard Knox interviewed several physicians who feared today's graduates are more concerned...

Posted on Sep 23, 10:52am

Science argues against 110 year old medical practice

Every profession has its conventions, its "that's just the way we do it" idiosyncrasies based on either old science or old belief systems.  One of them in emergency medicine is to eithe...

Posted on Aug 12, 9:56am

1 in 3 medical doctors let incompetent colleagues slide

A JAMA survey on medical professionalism found that only two-thirds of doctors "completely agreed" that an incompetent or impaired colleague should be reported.  The same number respon...

Posted on Jul 14, 1:22pm

Social mission factor turns top med school ranking on its head

A new system of evaluating medical schools based on their social mission has turned the concept of a "good school" on its head.  Based on the percentage of doctors who go into primary c...

Posted on Jul 9, 11:02am

Childrens Liquid Tylenol, Benedryl, Motrin, and Zyrtec recalled

The manufacturer of liquid medicines given to children has recalled their products due to safety and quality control concerns.  The products include children's liquid Tylenol, Beedryl, Motrin, an...

Posted on May 3, 8:56pm

Specialty physicians attempt grab at primary care pie despite seeing a fraction of patients

A report published by the New England Journal of Medicine came on the heels of Congressional testimony by the Alliance for Specialty Medicine that was critical of the exclusion of surgeons from t...

Posted on Apr 28, 12:36pm

Australian government, medical association warns against flu vaccination for children under 5

According to ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), one child has fallen critically ill and several others have reacted seriously to a free seasonal influenza vaccine in Western Australia, prompti...

Posted on Apr 23, 7:47am

Placebo effect shown to be similar between homeopathy, conventional medicine

German researchers analyzed the placebo effect size for homeopathic and conventional medical treatments for disease and found similar results.  The study evaluated placebo-controlled double-blind...

Posted on Apr 16, 6:04pm

CAM users will be CAM users, regardless of their perception of medical treatment effectiveness

In a study conducted in conjunction with the Department of Veterans Affairs on a group of patients diagnosed with bipolar disorder, the preference for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) trea...

Posted on Mar 8, 7:59am

Conflict of interest scorecard developed for medical schools

The American Medical Student Association has compiled an online scorecard ranking the possible conflicts of interest between a university and the pharmaceutical/medical device industry.  The grad...

Posted on Mar 3, 10:40am

Leading medical ethicist says physician greed is killing reform

Dr. Howard Brody, Chair of the National Physician's Alliance Ethics Committee, submitted an editorial in The New England Journal of Medicine which called for medical specialty associations to offer cu...

Posted on Feb 10, 7:08am

Self-regenerative abilities of the heart

The prominent Nature News journal has published a groundbreaking new research report that claims that adult hearts may actually be able to heal themselves. Previously it was thought that the heart cou...

Posted on Jul 28, 2:53am

Pharma Fraud: The Truth will Out

In a major public embarrassment, a prominent Massachusetts anaesthesiologist Dr S. Reuben is alleged to have falsified and faked the data in 21 medical studies. These studies were mostly in pain manag...

Posted on Jun 1, 11:40am

Behvaior Therpay Chaegns Error Detcetion Rgeion in Branes of OCD Suffferers

It only takes four weeks to change the brains of OCD sufferers according to a study published in the latest issue of Molecular Psychiatry. The study tracked the changes in the brains of patients trea...

Posted on Jan 21, 5:16pm

Bonus DVD - Volume 1

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Bonus DVD - Volume 2

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New Study Shows Normal Labor..;$5 Mirror Solves Medical Mystery

Sent on Feb 14, 4:00pm

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Sent on Nov 2, 5:00pm

New Study Shows Normal Labor ;$5 Mirror Solves Medical Mystery

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Dr. Michael Hanifen, Anchorage, AK

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