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Eat your antioxidants, mummy (Episode 3, Story 3)

early childhood development
A study conducted by the Children's Hospital Chongqing Medical Univers...

Depression Shrinks the Brain, Anti-Depressants Shrink it More (Episode 6, Story 3)

brain development
Candice Pert
A recently published article in Neuropsychopharmacology took a look at...

The Rise of America's Fallen Souffle's (Episode 6, Story 2)

brain development
cesarean sections
late pre-term infant
natural birth
Unfortunately full-term births are becoming less "normal" in...

Wake Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed, Or Were You Just Born That Way? (Episode 6, Story 1)

fetal stress
interuterine constraint
maternal stress
perinatal development
restraint stress
Ever wonder if some people were just born cranky? A study published i...

Movement Variabliltiy May Be Key to Brain Development in ASD (Episode 7, Story 4)

Motor development
An article released by Early Human Development discusses variability i...

Autism Screening Tool Shows Promise for 1 Year Olds

A study scheduled to be published in The Journal of Pediatrics evaluated the ability of a simple questionnaire to predict autism at the 1 year check-up (download survey for free here).  The...

Posted on Apr 28, 4:20pm

American Academy of Pediatrics Chair Demands Environmental Toxins Reform

Who enforces toxicity testing on household products for children and expectant moms?  The answer, it turns out, is no one.  Dr. Jerome Paulson, the incoming chair of the Council on Environme...

Posted on Apr 26, 2:46pm

Longer, earlier skin to skin contact improves newborn health markers

Putting a newborn in skin to skin contact within 5 minutes after birth and leaving them there for at least an hour helps relieve stress on the baby's body and regulate its heart rate, according to a r...

Posted on Mar 3, 6:38pm

Preventing Early Elective Deliveries Keeps Babies Out of Intensive Care

Implementing a "hard-stop" policy on elective deliveries in hospitals before 39 weeks cut the number of early deliveries by nearly 400% and reduced the number of babies admitted to the ICU b...

Posted on Jan 26, 8:01pm

Good news, bad news in new method of tracking brain development

Being able to determine if a child's brain is developing properly is now possible through functional MRI.  The study published in Science created a developmental "norm" by studying the...

Posted on Sep 10, 11:21am

Southeast Stone Belt impacting more youngsters

A study that examined the rate of kidney stones among children in South Carolina found a significant increase among Caucasian children, pre-teens and adolescents since 1997.  The amount of mone...

Posted on Sep 3, 3:55pm

Moms who smoke during pregnancy raise children as smart as they are

 Recent studies on the effects of mothers' mental state and stress levels are showing mixed results on early child development, but new research that investigated the effect of mom's education an...

Posted on Aug 25, 4:58pm

Determining factor in Alzheimer Disease may take place in childhood

Harvard researchers have been able to confirm a link between the brain plaquing associated with Alzheimer's, thinking ability, and the mind's resilience to disease.  The study by Rentz et al exam...

Posted on Jun 24, 8:01am

Infant obesity linked to delayed motor skills

They're not driving themselves to McDonalds or demanding chocolate formula, but somehow a larger number of babies are becoming obese.  A recent study in The Journal of Pediatrics measured one ef...

Posted on Jun 15, 3:33pm

Newborns learn even while sleeping

A simple, non-invasive test for newborns may serve as an early detector for learning disorders.  Researchers paired an electronic tone with a gentle puff of air in the faces of 26 sleeping babies...

Posted on May 24, 11:16am

Lack of sleep leads to early death

Cortisol.  Known as the "stress" hormone, abnormal levels of it are tied to persistant fight or flight stimulation and examples of it were only seen in victims of war and famine. ...

Posted on May 6, 11:47am

Eating as a family, sleep, and limited screen time cuts obesity in children

Children who eat dinner with their families, get enough rest, and sit in front of a tv or computer screen for less than 2 hours a day reduce their risk for obesity by 40%, according to a report publis...

Posted on Feb 13, 9:29am

Childhood obesity doubles likelihood of death before 55

A recent study on the effects of childhood obesity reports that people who were obese as children are twice as likely to die before the age of 55, and those with a higher glucose tolerance are 75% mor...

Posted on Feb 11, 10:47am

Phthalates in plastics not linked to early puberty

Scientists are looking for the cause of early puberty in girls in the environment, and one category of plastics was recently under the microscope to determine if it was linked to precocious developmen...

Posted on Jan 25, 11:56am

Vitamin D linked to childhood MS

Is there anything Vitamin D is NOT good for? It seems like every day there is new research coming to light showing the benefits of Vitamin D and the latest is its role in Multiple Sclerosis in childre...

Posted on Jun 9, 12:48pm

Tanning binges cost British skin dearly

Australia’s high levels of melanomas due to their outdoor lifestyle and the hole in the ozone layer led to massive and effective public education campaigns about preventing skin cancer over the last...

Posted on May 27, 11:55am

Vitamin D at the root of a new model of cancer development

It seems that there is no end of Vitamin D stories in the journals these days, and the latest is an interesting link between cancer and Vitamin D. "New Model Suggests Role Of Low Vitamin D I...

Posted on May 25, 12:18pm

Symptoms of early puberty shock the Danes

As if kids weren’t growing up fast enough… a long-term study in Denmark has shown that the age of breast development in girls has gone down by a whole year just in the 15 years of the study. Aksgl...

Posted on May 5, 10:50am

Ways forward in tackling childhood obesity

There have been countless programs implemented over recent years to control the rapidly expanding crisis in childhood obesity. Unfortunately not many of them seem to have achieved much. The rate of in...

Posted on Apr 16, 7:13am

Put down the Nintendo DS and no one gets hurt

This was just too good to pass up. Yet another study saying that high levels of physical activity in childhood reduces the likelihood of adolescent back pain. This time it reduces the risk by 300-70...

Posted on Jan 30, 3:50pm

Autism Screening Tool; Non-Celiac Gluten Intolerance

Sent on May 16, 5:00pm

Largest Research project in Chiro History; Skin to skin improves newbor

Sent on Mar 27, 5:00pm

Feb 1 MRI Study Chiro; Preventing Early Elective Deliveries...

Sent on Jan 31, 4:00pm

Autism Screening Tool; Non Celiac Gluten Intolerance

Uploaded on May 16, 5:00pm

Largest Research project in Chiro History; Skin to skin improves newborn

Uploaded on Mar 27, 5:00pm

Feb 1 MRI Study Investigates in Chiro; Preventing Early Elective Deliveries

Uploaded on Jan 31, 4:00pm

Good stuff... I bought a flat screen and its just sitting in my office at the moment... Takes too much dang time putting that crap together! Good call!
Dr. Matt Beachy, Mansfield, OH

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