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Mode of delivery impacts infant pain response (Episode 3, Story 4)

cesarian section
caesarean section
Swedish researchers have found that how a baby enters life- either thr...

New Study Shows Normal Labor Takes More Time Than OBs Are Allowing For

Obstetricians have been trained to expect labor to progress faster than it actually does, which may be the reason for the high rate of inductions and c-section deliveries in the US according to a new...

Posted on Feb 1, 11:22pm

Preventing Early Elective Deliveries Keeps Babies Out of Intensive Care

Implementing a "hard-stop" policy on elective deliveries in hospitals before 39 weeks cut the number of early deliveries by nearly 400% and reduced the number of babies admitted to the ICU b...

Posted on Jan 26, 8:01pm

New Study Shows Normal Labor..;$5 Mirror Solves Medical Mystery

Sent on Feb 14, 4:00pm

Feb 1 MRI Study Chiro; Preventing Early Elective Deliveries...

Sent on Jan 31, 4:00pm

New Study Shows Normal Labor ;$5 Mirror Solves Medical Mystery

Uploaded on Feb 14, 4:00pm

Feb 1 MRI Study Investigates in Chiro; Preventing Early Elective Deliveries

Uploaded on Jan 31, 4:00pm

Good stuff... I bought a flat screen and its just sitting in my office at the moment... Takes too much dang time putting that crap together! Good call!
Dr. Matt Beachy, Mansfield, OH

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