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Mode of delivery impacts infant pain response (Episode 3, Story 4)

cesarian section
caesarean section
Swedish researchers have found that how a baby enters life- either thr...

The Rise of America's Fallen Souffle's (Episode 6, Story 2)

brain development
cesarean sections
late pre-term infant
natural birth
Unfortunately full-term births are becoming less "normal" in...

C-sections and Children with Asthma (Episode 2, Story 1)

cesarean sections
natural birth
Researchers have gone way back to the beginning to find the source for...

New Study Shows Normal Labor Takes More Time Than OBs Are Allowing For

Obstetricians have been trained to expect labor to progress faster than it actually does, which may be the reason for the high rate of inductions and c-section deliveries in the US according to a new...

Posted on Feb 1, 11:22pm

Top Obstetrician: Stop VBAC at its source

Dr. James R. Scott, a two-time honoree on the Best Doctors in America list and editor of the top journal in obstetrics, Obstetrics & Gynecology, called for a re-evaluation of the refusal for...

Posted on Jul 8, 1:45pm

Victory for VBAC: NIH panel recommends repealing VBAC ban

For over a decade, natural birth advocates have been fighting to keep the slowly disappearing option of delivering a baby naturally after a C-section alive in hospitals around the country.  The A...

Posted on Mar 15, 7:51am

Asian c-section study shows risks, rates still too high

A survey of over 100,000 births in nine countries spanning from India to China showed the caesarian section rate from 2007-08 was 27.3%, with assisted delivery with foreceps or vacuum suction at 3.2%....

Posted on Feb 9, 9:28pm

Funny you probably will never hear this one from your OB

A new study from Australia (love the research coming from Down Under lately!) of over 50,000 births says inducing labor leads to a higher risk of "forceps delivery, caesarean section and haemorrhage,"...

Posted on Dec 15, 6:22pm

New Study Shows Normal Labor..;$5 Mirror Solves Medical Mystery

Sent on Feb 14, 4:00pm

New Study Shows Normal Labor ;$5 Mirror Solves Medical Mystery

Uploaded on Feb 14, 4:00pm

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