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90-year pedigree of H1N1 revealed (Episode 10, Story 4)

Spanish flu
Swine flu
There has been much talk of H1N1 Swine Flu as being a new virus formed...

It’s MY vaccine contract, no it’s MINE! (Episode 8, Story 1)

H1N1 vaccine
swine flu
Protein Sciences
The bickering and mudslinging have begun as the competition for H1N1...

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate - the debate rages on (Episode 4, Story 3)

swine flu
vaccination refusal
With Swine Flu the hot topic of the moment, the idea of compulsory vac...

What’s next for the Swine Flu? (Episode 4, Story 2)

swine flu
1918 Spanish Flu
vaccination side effects
With all the hype starting to die down and the panic subsiding about t...

Kefir effective additive for stomach problems

While there may be several causes of the imbalance that causes indigestion, one of the common bacteria that get out of balance in the stomach is Helicobacter pylori.  Common medical treatments fo...

Posted on Mar 29, 6:26pm

Chinese H1N1 study gives insight to vaccine mechanism and impacts

A recent study on the side effects of the H1N1 vaccine given to 89 million Chinese disclosed the rate of reactions to the shot.  The authors report that there was no greater risk of a person deve...

Posted on Feb 8, 3:44am

Increase in Febrile Seizures For Toddlers Injected With Flu Shot

The FDA is investigating a spike in febrile seizures among toddlers vaccinated with Fluzone, the only flu shot recommended for infants 6 to 23 months of age.  In an alert posted to the FDA's webs...

Posted on Jan 25, 12:04am

Flu Shot Coverage, Vaccine-Related Miscarriage Rates Rise Exponentially

The CDC has announced that almost half of all pregnant women were vaccinated with the H1N1 or combined influenza vaccination during the "influenza" season of 2009/2010.  Women who were...

Posted on Dec 7, 7:03pm

Medical researchers warn of 'heightened' 0.0003% risk of H1N1-related neurological complications to healthy children

Less than 6% of children in the largest H1N1 research survey in the US experienced neurological problems as a side effect of the H1N1 virus.  83% of the children in the study had underlying medic...

Posted on Nov 10, 3:48am

WHO: Lucky Lucky! H1N1 pandemic officially over

Talk about good luck!  "The H1N1 virus has largely run its course," according to the WHO.  The 2009 pandemic is officially over according to the organization's emergency committee,...

Posted on Aug 11, 4:51pm

Spinal fluid holds key to Alzheimer screening

A signature pattern of protein in the fluid which nourishes the brain may be the key to predicting Alzheimer's disease. Scientists identified two specific proteins in high concentrations in the spinal...

Posted on Aug 10, 1:48pm

Tamiflu does little to change abnormal behavior in children during flu

The complications of flu symptoms most parents worry about are dehydration and high fever.  Unchecked fever can lead to a swelling of the brain, and one of the signals of this swelling is a vast...

Posted on May 17, 4:25pm

Australian government, medical association warns against flu vaccination for children under 5

According to ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), one child has fallen critically ill and several others have reacted seriously to a free seasonal influenza vaccine in Western Australia, prompti...

Posted on Apr 23, 7:47am

WHO blames people talking to each other for lack of H1N1 Vaccine uptake. Next on the hit list: Common Sense

The World Health Organization has launched a 9-month long inquiry in the wake of the public response to their declaration of an H1N1 pandemic.  A portion of that investigation will focus on the r...

Posted on Apr 15, 11:12am

Plenty of H1N1 vaccine available for those who want seconds: Only 37% of health workers, 25% of public get the shot

So much for universal coverage!  Statistics released by Morbidity and Mortality weekly report show that only 1 in 4 Americans chose to get innoculated with the H1N1 vaccine, and only 37% of healt...

Posted on Apr 12, 1:35pm

CDC's Vaccine Advisory Committee now Department of Redundancy Department

In an shocking press release, the CDC's Vaccine Advisory Committee has advised that nearly all Americans receive the flu vaccine.  They state that infants under 6 months, patients with egg allerg...

Posted on Feb 26, 10:38am

CDC releases H1N1 infection estimates, give or take 40 million

The CDC in a flash of guestimating genius has decided that the number of H1N1 cases confirmed laboratory tests may under represent the actual number of people who had the swine flu in the US by up to...

Posted on Feb 17, 4:38pm

1700 expected spontaneous abortions from H1N1 Vaccine

The Center for Disease Control recommended that all expectant mothers receive the H1N1 vaccine.  Data from a UK study released by The Lancet suggests that the spontaneous abortion rate within 1 d...

Posted on Feb 4, 1:36pm

Leading baby experts in US say no to drugs for babies with reflux

Researchers from the leading provider of maternal-fetal, newborn and pediatric subspecialty physician services the country have just said "No" to medicating babies diagnosed with Gastroesoph...

Posted on Jan 7, 11:34am

Developing countries bottom of the barrel for Swine Flu vaccine

The hype surrounding Swine Flu is approaching fever pitch with the imminent flu season, and with the first vaccines set to be ready in October, a moral dilemma is surfacing about its distribution.

Posted on Jul 29, 7:11am

More bad news about the flu vaccine in children

Nearly everyone in the medical profession continues to endorse the importance of the flu vaccine for kids, however evidence is mounting that it is of little use. In fact even worse than that… is actua...

Posted on Jul 17, 5:57am

Obesity and H1N1 - a potentially fatal combination

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have released their report of the H1N1 infections in a Michigan hospital revealing some startling results. The report documents ten cases of swine f...

Posted on Jul 15, 5:11am

The Joke's On Tamiflu

In a comedic adjunct to all those who have been brainwashed into thinking that Tamiflu is the only treatment for Swine Flu H1N1 at the moment (until they develop the vaccine which they are pouring b...

Posted on Jun 8, 3:46pm

Homeopathy kicked Spanish Flu butt – can it kick Swine Flu too?

Research by the prominent Canadian physician Dr Andre Saine of more than 61,000 confirmed cases of Spanish Flu between 1918 and 1919 has shown that patients treated with homeopathy experienced death...

Posted on Jun 2, 11:21am

The controversy over fluoride

This week the Queensland state government in Australia was red-faced over a fluoride bungle that resulted in a number of homes in Brisbane receiving a vast over-dose of fluoride in their water. The n...

Posted on May 22, 7:55am

Exploring the link between arsenic and Swine Flu

I have been trying to avoid the Swine Flu hype in this blog over recent weeks, largely because of the level of misinformation that appears to have been propagated. However today’s news was too interes...

Posted on May 21, 12:11pm

Conspiracy theories on the pandemic of fear surrounding Swine Flu

The UN came out today urging the world not to panic about the Swine flu. Meanwhile amidst many stories it is reported that that the anti-viral Tamiflu has been madly snatched up throughout western nat...

Posted on May 4, 11:45am

From the Waaaaay back files: 1918 Spanish Influenza

Courtesy of Chiropractic: Maybe the Best Defense Against Influenza Media reports of Swine Flu in Mexico and now several US cities are frightening to many Americans, who are made to...

Posted on Apr 28, 5:49pm

Congressman Ron Paul with some perspective on the Swine Flu

Texas Congressman and former presidential candidate Ron Paul gives his perspective, as a physician and veteran of Congress, on the current "emergency" of Swine Flu. Note the statistic of people who d...

Posted on Apr 28, 5:39pm

Best and Brightest in Vaccine World to Meet Tuesday. Not a Typo.

Who wants to party crash a Congress?The first ever Vaccine Virtual Congress will be hosted this Tuesday, Dec 9th beginning at 8:00 am EST. Just in case the pro-flu shot advocates didn't get your atte...

Posted on Dec 4, 5:22pm

Study advocating flu vaccine coincidentally comes from University that tried to break Guinness Record. On your federal tax dollars.

A spot on GMA was picked up this morning by NPR concerning a University of Minnesota study which suggested more college students would benefit from receiving the flu vaccine. This, by the way, is the...

Posted on Dec 4, 5:21pm

Expanding the Law of Attraction to Flu Epidemics

The Secret, for those coming fresh out of a coma this year, was a best-selling DVD and later book detailing The Law of Attraction and the ramifications of its implementation. The premise is that we a...

Posted on Dec 1, 6:43pm

The Fastest Way to Get a Vaccine Call Center Employee Fired

I have no idea why this lady even answered those questions. What I like is how she explains that the mercury content is only because of the preservative thiomersal, which contains mercury, and the p...

Posted on Nov 26, 3:12pm

Bonus DVD - Volume 1

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Bonus DVD - Volume 2

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Flu shot-related Miscarriage Rate; Compression & Genetic Expression

Sent on Dec 31, 4:00pm

Flu shot related Miscarriage Rate; Compression & Genetic Expression

Uploaded on Dec 31, 4:00pm

If I were younger and just starting out, I would have something like this in my office. It's a good marketing tool.
Dr. G.O. Schmedel, Professor of Anatomy, Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport, IA

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