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Three Six Nine, the Goose Felt Fine, the Monkey Played Nintendo on the Streetcar Line (Episode 7, Story 6)

6:3 ratio
fat loss
fish oil
flax oil
weight loss
In the study by Guebre-Egziabher et al, the researchers lowered the om...

Preventing Early Elective Deliveries Keeps Babies Out of Intensive Care

Implementing a "hard-stop" policy on elective deliveries in hospitals before 39 weeks cut the number of early deliveries by nearly 400% and reduced the number of babies admitted to the ICU b...

Posted on Jan 26, 8:01pm

Guidelines on Tonsillectomies Established After 35 Year Increase

For generations, having your tonsils removed was almost a rite of passage into adulthood.  From the early 1900's to the 1960's the tonsillectomy was the most common surgical procedure performed i...

Posted on Jan 5, 8:59pm

People who exercise are better equipped to handle new viruses

Scientists know that exercise boosts the immune system, but a paper recently published in Exercise & Sport Science Reviews suggests that people who regularly work out have a stronger ability to fi...

Posted on Dec 30, 7:56pm

3rd Trimester Ultrasound Produces 10% Birth Weight Error

Ultrasounds in the last trimester of pregnancy have a 10% margin of error in predicting the birth weight of large babies, according to a recent study.  Many mothers presume a strong correlation b...

Posted on Dec 1, 8:19pm

Medical researchers warn of 'heightened' 0.0003% risk of H1N1-related neurological complications to healthy children

Less than 6% of children in the largest H1N1 research survey in the US experienced neurological problems as a side effect of the H1N1 virus.  83% of the children in the study had underlying medic...

Posted on Nov 10, 3:48am

Weekly boot camp no substitute for training 3 days a week

Just because you feel like you hit 3 work outs at once doesn't mean you get the health benefits, according to a study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.  The researcher...

Posted on Sep 21, 5:29pm

Adenovirus is the new Big-Boned

 A study set for publication in the journal Pediatrics says that there may be a relationship between childhood obesity and a certain virus found in overweight adults.  The study looked at 12...

Posted on Sep 20, 12:46pm

Top level evidence shows promise for probiotic treatment of infant IBS

A multicenter, randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind, crossover study on an 8-strain configuration of lactobacillus probiotic bacteria has demonstrated effectiveness at treating infants with ir...

Posted on Jul 26, 5:22pm

1 in 3 medical doctors let incompetent colleagues slide

A JAMA survey on medical professionalism found that only two-thirds of doctors "completely agreed" that an incompetent or impaired colleague should be reported.  The same number respon...

Posted on Jul 14, 1:22pm

Babies born to naturally immune mothers have 3 times the antibodies, protected 4 times longer, than those born to vaccinated moms

Babies born to mothers who have been naturally immunized against measles have 3 times as many antibodies against the virus than babies born to vaccinated mothers.  Furthermore, these babies keep...

Posted on Jun 17, 10:25am

Electroacupuncture reduces nerve cell loss, improves motor function in ALS mice

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig's disease, is a degenerative neurological disease which degrades the neurons and slowly paralyzes the body.  Korean researchers appli...

Posted on Jun 10, 9:02am

Johnson & Johnson subsidiaries pay $6.14 M in criminal, $75.37 M in civil penalties for illegally marketing off-label uses for epilepsy drug

Ortho-McNeil Pharaceutical, a division of Johnson & Johnson, plead guilty to a misdemeanor violation of the Food, Drug, & Cosmetic Act for an illegal off-label marketing scheme involving its e...

Posted on May 26, 11:54am

Researchers translate subjective improvement scores to real clinical difference in pain

Most modern health care practitioners have moved to some form of questionaire or ask their patients to rate their pain, discomfort, or amount of dissatisfaction with their condition on a scale so they...

Posted on May 25, 12:01pm

Thinking of having a baby in the US? Perhaps consider one of 38 other countries, instead

The results of a survey on the maternal mortality rates for 181 nations, along with their increases or decreases since 1980, was recently by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation.  Ever...

Posted on May 10, 3:27pm

Plenty of H1N1 vaccine available for those who want seconds: Only 37% of health workers, 25% of public get the shot

So much for universal coverage!  Statistics released by Morbidity and Mortality weekly report show that only 1 in 4 Americans chose to get innoculated with the H1N1 vaccine, and only 37% of healt...

Posted on Apr 12, 1:35pm

Humans could run 35-40 mph

The Winter Olympics are on again, and its time to sit back in awe at the amazing feats the human body can accomplish when it functions perfectly.  Sometimes when I'm watching it seems like Olympi...

Posted on Feb 14, 9:38am

Big Pharma attempts to win 3 seats at the table

One version of the Senate Finance Committee's healthcare reform bill allocates 3 seats on a 15 person review panel to medical products instustry representatives.  The panel will review comparativ...

Posted on Jan 18, 12:28pm

Bonus DVD - Volume 1

Check out Guerilla Health Report! This 90 minute DVD features the best in health and science information reviewed from a holistic perspe...
cesarean section
medical error
swine flu
back pain
Omega 3
sodium benzoate
Jenny McCarthy
fast food

Feb 1 MRI Study Chiro; Preventing Early Elective Deliveries...

Sent on Jan 31, 4:00pm

Alternative Vaccine Schedules; US Born Get the Mumps 09/03/2010

Sent on Sep 2, 5:00pm

Feb 1 MRI Study Investigates in Chiro; Preventing Early Elective Deliveries

Uploaded on Jan 31, 4:00pm

I think your blog is amazing... I think your work is incredible though and I'm so happy to know a colleague who is working so hard to do this kind of thing. Thank you.
Dr. Amy Heilman, Lethbridge, AB

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