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College Kids Get Mumps Two Years Ago, CDC Just Now Freaks Out (Episode 2, Story 2)

immune system
An article published in the New England Journal of Medicine this sprin...

Flu Shot Coverage, Vaccine-Related Miscarriage Rates Rise Exponentially

The CDC has announced that almost half of all pregnant women were vaccinated with the H1N1 or combined influenza vaccination during the "influenza" season of 2009/2010.  Women who were...

Posted on Dec 7, 7:03pm

No link between thimerosal, autism. No further testing ever needed according to CDC

There is no link between prenatal or infant exposure to mercury in vaccines and autism, and "further studies are not warranted," according to the CDC's director of immunization safety. ...

Posted on Sep 30, 4:11pm

CDC says US not hitting 2010 breastfeeding, infant care target

The percentage of moms who breastfeed has risen since 1998, but is still remarkably short of the target for 2010.  The makers of infant formula Similac, "The #1 brand fed in hospitals- and t...

Posted on Sep 14, 2:35pm

Pertussis outbreak starts finger pointing, but California outbreak still anomaly against national decline

Pertussis infection rates have dropped nationally by 50% since their peak in 2004 (see graph), but recent reports of an outbreak in the heavily Latino central valley of California has sparked a conver...

Posted on Jun 25, 5:43pm

The side effect of mixed messages: 1 in 5 American high school students abuse prescription drugs

From Nancy Regan's "Just Say No," campaign to Mr. Mackey's admonition that "Drugs are bad, mmkay?" a society born in a medicine cabinet has set its children up with a double standa...

Posted on Jun 7, 12:55pm

CDC reports MMRV vaccine doubles risk of febrile seizures in infants

Merck's attempt to combine the MMR vaccine with the Varicella vaccine has resulted in the recognition that the boost may be too much for a 2 year old's immune system to handle.  The drug company...

Posted on May 7, 1:05pm

CDC's Vaccine Advisory Committee now Department of Redundancy Department

In an shocking press release, the CDC's Vaccine Advisory Committee has advised that nearly all Americans receive the flu vaccine.  They state that infants under 6 months, patients with egg allerg...

Posted on Feb 26, 10:38am

CDC releases H1N1 infection estimates, give or take 40 million

The CDC in a flash of guestimating genius has decided that the number of H1N1 cases confirmed laboratory tests may under represent the actual number of people who had the swine flu in the US by up to...

Posted on Feb 17, 4:38pm

75% of boys in New York mumps outbreak have been vaccinated against it... twice

Just over 1500 cases of mumps have been reported in New York and New Jersey between June and January, almost exclusively in a tradition-observant Jewish community and primarily among teenage boys.&nbs...

Posted on Feb 13, 10:40am

Phthalates in plastics not linked to early puberty

Scientists are looking for the cause of early puberty in girls in the environment, and one category of plastics was recently under the microscope to determine if it was linked to precocious developmen...

Posted on Jan 25, 11:56am

Flu shot-related Miscarriage Rate; Compression & Genetic Expression

Sent on Dec 31, 4:00pm

CDC Misses Breastfeeding Target Adenovirus is new big boned

Sent on Sep 30, 5:00pm

Flu shot related Miscarriage Rate; Compression & Genetic Expression

Uploaded on Dec 31, 4:00pm

Breastfeeding Targets Adenovirus Obesity 10 01 10 pdf

Uploaded on Sep 29, 5:00pm

Alternative Vaccination Schedule, US born weaker against mumps

Uploaded on Sep 1, 5:00pm

360 degree patient education- great work.
John Edwards, DC

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